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Health Insurance from an Agent’s View

Force everyone to buy my product?   Make certain people pay for other people’s products?  Force insurance companies to let anyone get my product?  Then, make it more expensive by accepting everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions?  I’m really starting to like this guy!

My fear, and this is merely cosmetic, is the same reason I don’t sell insurance online, the price becomes more important than what the policy can do.

You don’t (or hadn’t) bought insurance just for another card to carry, you buy it because the insurance company is betting you’ll have good health and you’re betting you’ll have poor health.  If you have good health, they win, you pay your premium.  In these cases you sometimes feel like ‘what’s the point’?  However, if you’re right, and you do get sick, all policies are not the same, the doctors/hospitals, medications, co-pays, co-insurance, tax benefits… all of these make the policies different.  If you buy based on the cheapest cost, your bet may cause you to lose when you thought you had won.  You may not have savings enough for your high deductible or your doctors/hospital and medication may be out of network.

As a salesman, I could sell these policies all day long, but I feel as though I can make the most profit by having an educated consumer whom I sell the right product to the first time.

In summary, health insurance regulation stands to make my sales increase because everyone is being forcing in my front door, but I still have the same fear of a dissatisfied customer and have that same fear of the health insurance exchanges.


Written by Joe

13 April at 3 pm

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