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What is the Point?

To clarify, these are not my ideas.

In the post-WW II generation the theme of Jewish identity was one of existential survival.  In this same generation, Jewish people had limited interaction with non-Jews and the idea of Judaism ‘competing’ against another ideology wasn’t a concern because it wasn’t about ‘the best product’ it was about ‘my product’.  However, in the ensuring years and generations people became more interested in pursuing the ‘best product’ and, therefore are currently in the process of identifying this ‘best product’.

The question becomes, is it enough to become Jewish for the sake of being Jewish and at what point we we define our goals more concrete virtues.  The initial challenge is to acheive this goal and then subsequent goals can be to make it yeshivishe to be vertiuous and not exclusively keep the laws of kashrut.


Written by Joe

12 February at 6 am

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