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there is no they

In our post-national, post-industrialized culture people talk, marketers talk, institutions talk, all acting as healthy organisms; surviving.

We have beliefs, experiences and connections.  We have expectations, irrational as they may be, that we can predict the future and our happiness.

Some of us have control over our desires and others have dynamics.  We all have a fear of ignorance in the way we relate to others and the way we make our decisions.

But these are all things we already know.  But the questions are always more interesting than the answers, the allusion rather than the method; it’s a funny thing. Knowing we don’t know is perhaps better than knowing, perhaps.

The crafting of a conspiracy is a funny allusion.  Fallout from a crisis births despair and from that comes questions.  Some are good researchers and others need to fabricate their conclusions.

So, what is the answer?  What is the problem?  Good people go hungry while others steal.  I have no problem with fighting, it’s fear I disdain.  My point is, we are all together, not apart.  Resolutions are the question, not blame.  Rarely has change solved problems, typically it changes the problem – usually producing efficiencies.

There is no they because we are they and they are we.  They are not the problem because the issue is systemic and in order to create resolution we collaborate.

I have no doubt, corporations have committed agregious transgressions, but so have the people who worked there.  On a simple moral test, is not the person who extorted money from the company not just as guilty as the marketer who promoted hazardous behavior?  Is not the marketer of faulty investments not as guilty as the thief who profits from mis-appropriated food stamps?

I am no moral model, I merely think that the myth of they died with the notions of nationalism, industrialism and while these organisms struggle to survive (I’m apathetic to their existence) we must realize that fear is the barrier to our resolutions.


Written by Joe

7 December at 7 pm

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