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Proof of Socialization.

This past holiday season my secret santa gave me a tin of Jelly Bellys (man are they good).  As I’ve eaten them I’ve started to find flavors I don’t like and so instead of randomly reaching in and pulling one while reading an article I’ll look at the color.  As I’ve started selecting I’ve realized that I can pretty accurately guess which ones will have which flavors.

Either:  A. I have some unimaginable gift to be able to taste images B. Jelly Belly has cracked some code of putting images to colors, or C. We are all socialized in ways we couldn’t imagine.

Consider the flavor purple. It tastes very little like delicious grapes (often just exceptionally sweet), and yet everyone seems to know what it tastes like.  Of course, we can thank the soda pop industry for this understanding by the general public, but to have this built expectation with every flavor, amazing!


Written by Joe

13 January at 5 pm

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