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fun with hamasterbation

One need only turn on a television to find out about the tensions which are realized in short confrontations in the middle east.  It’s very easy to argue for either the chicken or the egg but we’re all adults here, we don’t need to use rhetoric.  The Palestinian people have an explicit right to inhabit their territories and the Israelis have a right to exist without the threat of terrorism (that’s not an editorial).  As long as these two very simple elements are not established all bets are off and a series of carrots and sticks will need to be used in getting back to square one.  Two things have become apparent over time, Israel is unwilling to co-exist with a government who poses an existential threat and the Palestinians are willing to sacrifice their lives.

Both sides have argued about the media being unfair, so let’s factor them out.  Both sides have argued about the UN, US and EU being unfair, so let’s factor them out too.  So here you are, two nations working to get along.  Here’s a deal, UN aid and free movement of Palestinians is allowed as long as terrorism is stopped (and not just for a series of months).  The government, Fatah, must be held responsible for all and if terrorism occurs they must suffer penalties, just as for Israel if they go into PA territory.  It becomes complicated that Gaza and and the West bank are geographically split, but Israel doesn’t need to allow for it’s terrorizing neighbors to come into it’s land (that seems crazy).

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5 January at 4 pm

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