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Good till the last drop?

It is a very interesting time to be around.  In terms of scare tactics, nothing has changed, many issues have become ‘the issue’ clouding understanding and good-intentions.  So where is this driving?  Let’s look at the relationship between our President and those whom are Jewish among his constituents.

Among the strongest critics of this administration are Jewish, on the whole Jewish people vote against President Bush with the subtlest of increases between 2000 and 2004.  With such acceptance, where does President Bush’s international support fall in the Arab-Israeli conflict?  Perhaps with those who own the mineral rights which clearly manipulate the valuations of commodities?  With those whose population is rapidly passing by 1/5 of the world population?  Among those who are taking aggressive action across the globe (The middle of no where)?  I guess that would just be too easy.

Upon Presdient Bush’s appeal for Presidency, in The Bush Doctrine (The Bush Doctrine, Israel and the Peace Process), the fourth pillar stipulates a support for the UN supported, internationally recognized sole home of the Jewish people, Israel.  Despite President Bush’s rampant criticism by Jewish leaders across demographics, he chose not only to entertain a state highly antagonized by the Arab world, but give her his support (how critics suggest that President Bush is realizing Jewish policy despite a small minority of the Jewish people supporting Neo-conservatism as it is known through The Weekly Standard I may never know).

Point being, there was something about Israel which was congruent for President Bush in how he understood the relationship between aggressors and responders and he took to supporting the state of Israel.  In response to this, support among Jewish males aged 18-29 increased radically (according to Ari Fleisher – who might be a tad suspect).  President Bush’s appeal worked, he gained support locally and he gained support in a larger war against terrorism.  So perhaps you may feel as though this is where it ends, only to be re-explored in the next term of the executive, not exactly.

Classically, I identified with President Bush’s fourth pillar, appreciated his commitment by supporting Israel even when those who he was helping didn’t feel like saying thank you.  It’s a really nice thing and beyond that, it’s the right thing.  In reading a blog by (Hamas wins an election), I really found that the truth lie in this article.  Clearly not a person heavily involved, although well read on foreign affairs, and their point was simple.  If you switched the headline with any other country in the world when an exchange between Israel and their neighbors is described their response would seem completely reasonable (Our World-Historical Gamble).  More specifically, if you replaced the name of America with Israel, as Americans it should make absolute sense, if you kill our people, particularly our women and children with the goal of hitting as many as possible we’re not going to lay down our arms.  It doesn’t work like that.  So now, in a very abridged way, even if you don’t agree with me you can see why I think President Bush’s support of Israel despite lack of support from Jewish demographics was reasonable.

With the upcoming summit, I really looked forward to the Annapolis summit.  Just returning from meeting President Clinton, I had even more excitement for President Bush’s meeting than for the Camp David accords.  Two tid-bits Clinton had mentioned resonated with me.  One, he felt as though the reason the Israelis would trust him to negotiate was he felt that they knew that he would be in the bunker right next to them if another Six-Day war were to occur.  And two, at the meeting, when everyone sat down, the arab leaders spoke of apartheid this and occupation that and Clinton stopped them right there and said if you want to have another minute in this meeting you are going to use the words territories and terrorists, and if you want to go on being rude than you can consider this meeting over.  After hearing that it was motivating alone, but to think that Bush might fill an equal role was invigorating.

So you must be thinking man, he’s going to tell me how he likes Bush and he’s a yid, are you kidding?  Where’s his liberal guilt?  Well, I was thoroughly under-impressed by what President Bush had to say.  In an article Israel and the Palestinians: has Bush reneged? it so perfectly described the feeling of betrayal I felt.  I was always impressed by President Bush’s ability to hold an opinion regardless of popularity but was I wrong in expecting him to hold out forever?

The Bush doctrine called for Phase I, stopping the terrorism (not just talking about it).  Phase II, the creation of a Palestinian state with provisional boarders and then finally Phase III which would call for a negotiation on what boarders were acceptable.  As Podhoretz puts it, we skipped all the way to phase III.  Who’s right was it to skip to phase III?  Phase I wasn’t for the PA, it wasn’t for the American negotiators, it was Israel’s.  If she wanted to continue to have random acts of terror taken out on her than it would be her right to skip that task.  If she wanted rockets to be fired over the boarders, boarders which are watched by the PA, then she could say I don’t want to gain any benefit from these meetings, let me hear what you want.  If she wanted to again be fooled into thinking that these meetings would benefit her at all then Israel could go right ahead and dismiss it, but only she can dismiss it, and Bush opened his mouth.  In that moment I felt so confused.  Who is this guy and what makes him think he can say this?  

The man who I had defended in arguments with family and friends, written in support of, tried to identify with was now speaking such non-sense.  Since then I’ve still held my connection to President Bush, but only in the way I have an open ear for an old girlfriend, I can identify, but I really don’t care.

My hope?  That my support for him up until that fateful day will be rejuvenated before he leaves office.  That his ability to do that which many people care not to understand will be awakened and he will not buckle under pressure from the truly contradictory masses.


Written by Joe

10 April at 6 pm

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