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Mishigash among the Matzo Balls

Today there are many things to be fearful of, poor health, war, taxes, it’s truly awful.  Furthermore, within the Jewish community there are also many fears, assimilation, anti-semitism…I could go on but kvetching might seem too predictable.  

Recently, Rachel Brooke of the Society of Young Jewish Professionals (SYJP) wrote a letter to a high school student involved in a planning a fundraising event for a local community youth group demanding royalties for the use of their registered trademark.  The student is a leader in a youth group known as BBYO inc. and is a member for the chapter Nordaunian AZA #22, named in honor of a prominent Zionist leader, Max Nordau

The event is a fixture in the Kansas City community as it is coming on it’s 73rd annual dance.  The dance promotes leadership values among those who plan it, an opportunity for Jewish teens from the region to socialize as well as financing the International Service Fund and programming for local chapters throughout the year.

In looking at SYJP’s website, it seems as though they have a really exciting organization.  Although it’s not exactly promoting traditional Jewish values, it looks as though it gives young professionals a great chance to meet each other, too cool.

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know to what extent SYJP’s threat can be realized, but it seems like their a bunch of schmucks.

There’s an old joke…

…a man is in a plane crash and gets stuck on a desert island.  Among the bare necessities he builds two shuls, as he is a traditional man.  Why two shuls some may ask?  One for him to pray in and the other for him never to step foot in.

Perhaps, and I know this might be a radical suggestion, everyone gets along.


Written by Joe

25 March at 7 pm

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