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Our Dear Representatives

Firstly, thank you for all of your hard work, I know that there are
many issues which I’m sure are brought to your attention on a daily
basis, but I wanted to direct your attention to one which is close to
my heart; the only Jewish state in the world, Israel.  I’ve read in
the news about bombings and negotiations which seem to be in an
endless procession, but my question is more direct than just to ask
for your blanket support (you’re smarter than that, and I know this).

My question is about the pressures which have been mounting on the
Israeli government to enter a peaceful dialog with their Arab
neighbors.  This is despite Fatah’s leader having authored a work
which represented the culmination of his education about the denial of
genocidal murders at the hands of the Europeans during WWII  This is
despite the ruling majority, Hamas (which is Hebrew for Hate –
althouth they speak Arabic in the Palestinian Territories).  This is
despite the bombings carried out by suicide bombers on civilians,
unaimed rockets both from the western and Northern boarders of Israel
(unaimed without regard for the innocent women and children they
kill).  And most of all, this is despite the ruling majority of the
Palestinian Territories, Hamas, distributing hateful childrens
programming encouraging youths to view the Jewish people of Israel as
sub-human demons who are not to be trusted  Things like this occur,
not to mention the painful denial of the holocaust and rejection of a
right to exist, and Israel is expected not only not to defend itself
but sit down at a table to even consider the notion of concessions for
peace.  I’m not saying that the Palestinian people need to change, I’m
just questioning the rationality of the expectations placed on Israel.

What is Israel to do?  Are they to kick out the Israeli-Arabs?  Are
they to demonstrate strength in the eyes of the Palestinain people?
Are they to demonstrate that they are a force to be reconned with at
their Egyptian and Lebanese boarders?  Are they to continue to protect
their own interests, alongside American interests, in regards to Syria
and Iran (not to mention all of the philanthropic efforts Magen David
Adom participated in internationally)?

You are the elected leader, my most direct representative on behalf of
my support for the state of Israel.  I don’t have answers for these
questions, only worst-case-scenario fears. Fears that the dynamic
which antisemitism  holds will spur further mob-driven murders in
France, England, South Africa, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Canada,
Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Poland to name few.

If placed in a similar situation how would Americans protect their
brothers and sisters? Would they yell?  Would they argue?  Would they

It’s funny to imagine that today Christians can visit holy sites,
while keeping most of their liberties (equal rights for women, the
ability to have a democratic process, a lack of censorship), when just
miles away these liberties aren’t even realized by the local populous
who has slaved over those lands for hundreds of years.

I’m not coming to you with demands or ultimatums (mentioning how I’ve
contributed my summers and dollars to your campaign), I’m coming to
you with my confidence that you will help my fears rest easier (as I
know that you support a comprehensive reform which will offer a
lasting solution from your perspective).  I know that it takes a
collective body to make an influence, but I see that collective body
in need of leadership and I believe that you are the man for the job.

Please, don’t be swayed by the conspiracy-driven words of Mearsheimer,
Walt and Carter, and consider the realities of the situation.


Written by Joe

16 February at 4 am

Posted in learn

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