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A Tramendous Speech

Recently, the American Jewish Committee spoke before the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin in response to an anti-Israel book by Mearsheimer and Walt. The Speech was tramendous in the parody between its context and its content which suggest a stronger allusion than the actual speech lets on. The speech was made at the request of the German government to have a balancing account to the one made by the authors previously last year.  Their account represented exactly what their book had suggested, saying that they weren’t anti-semetic or anti-zionist, they merely felt that Israel plays a disproportionate role in American politics.  This phrase is repeated ad nauseum in their critique of the influence of Israel in American politics which makes me wonder, who said that they hated Jewish people or the state of Israel? They go on to say that the state of Israel is in no imminent harm (while rockets are still being fired over the Lebanese boarder of Israel).  What happens if their quess turns out to be a false one, will they bring back the children who need not die?  Initially, the abounding arrogance had by the authors to dictate Israeli foreign policy, while critiquing support of it in a foreign land seems unjustified, but further, for the authors Mearsheimer and Walt to take this speech to a foreign foreign relations committee seems a bit unjustified. This is exacerbated as it is in a German foreign relations committee, which (as it need not be said) has the blood of innocent people in its history.  This is of course not to discount German decision making, and frankly the German government has been the most progressive in thwarting anti-semitism than most countries in the world.  However, for Mearsheimer and Walt to have the gall to approach a panel with this sort of history is beyond words.   In the AJC presidents speech, David Harris simply makes clarification after clarification, unwinding the spin job don by Walt and Mearsheimer, saying that these conspiracy theories should be left to their dim whited subscribers, and that everything that you can actually see, between interest groups influence and think tank funding should be assessed as it lies, and not within their lies.  Israel needs to compete with the Saudi Arabian lobbies, the isolationist lobbies, the frankly anti-Israel lobbies. It must do this with everyone.  The speech further outlines the actual influence which the Israel lobbies face, and the reality that agreement can rarely be found between the multiple Israel lobbies, who all act independently to promote their independent agendas.   For a copy of Harris’ speech, please log on to and it should be available there.  Sorry for the rant, and this is not intended to make a partial stance toward Israel on behalf of this blog, merely illustrate the interesting context of argument about the state of Israel.   


Written by Joe

14 January at 7 pm

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