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Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

There certainly are many entertaining elements to the political process. Between the debates and the new policy recommendations, not to mention the public’s response to all things real or conspiracy. I’ve never been one to vote as identifying with a large group of people, it seems like a marvelous market approach, I just don’t think I can really understand the world looking through someone else’s eyes.

Despite radicals on both sides, I think our media does an effective job of portraying the facts. Those from the right find there to be a ‘liberal media bias’, and those from the left feel as though corruption has come to the level of media control. Personally, I think this votes very well for the media in America because no one should like seeing the awful things on the news, not to mention that their disagreement with the information being represented might be a compliment to the overall news agency.

A year ago, I felt as though it would be inappropriate to ‘fall victim’ to the lead up to primaries, with debates and media spots, but I’m not that strong, I had to give in.

As I’ve weighed the various issues (trying hard to isolate from emotionally charged issues), it seemed as though a crucial goal, and in my opinion paramount, is that of national unification. For this reason, I took pleasure in seeing candidates like Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. While they both had intense antagonists both within their party and outside of their party, they held values which the other side could appreciate. Giuliani’s appreciation for the need of gun control, and Clinton’s ability to show appreciation for her bipartisan record really gave me the feeling that there are candidates out there who have a great appreciation for the importance of unity.

From looking at the issues, and past campaigns, it seems as though there have been some dramatic party shifts. Issues have switched sides, effective policy has been sidestepped to enhance separatism between democrats and republicans. Bluntly, if history is to be a guide, the concept of easily exercising democracy is best done through PAC endorsements than anything. Recently, it seems as though the republicans are more effective at offering reforming policy while the democrats have been put in the situation of being defined as ‘anything but…’ While the democratic congress gave democrats an opportunity to prove their ability to produce unique reform was a wonderful opportunity, their goals were quite ambitious, and it seems as though a bit too ambitious, as well as antagonistic against republicans. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not opposed to the democratic party, or any ethnic or gender inconsistency with what America’s traditions have dictated, so to be blunt, I am open for any candidate from the democratic or republican party (and that is actively dismissing third parties to be clear).

To get to the point of the title, Giuliani and Clinton make fine contenders for president, and I would vote in the countries’ interest (not a self interest) for them because it seems as though they would be effective at fitting into the current situation of our place in the world and the set of our domestic approaches. However, after listening to Dr. Ron Paul, and seeing his astounding acceptance by republicans, it makes me want to dismiss the republican party all together. When I see his growing support it makes me question my assessment of the Republican party all together. Among those people whose ideas I admire as Republicans, he holds none of their approaches to politics. He speaks about economics and foreign policy to people who know nothing about it (there is no need to explain the fallacy in that). His policy is radical, and no one seems to realize that in maintaining our system as it is there are significant growing pains to merely existing, the idea of changing the entire system of taxes and foreign policy is asinine. Ask any office manager about how much extra time (which will be equated in increased government spending – contrary to Paul’s suggestion) it takes to switch operating systems (say Windows 98 to Windows XP), and they will almost assuredly tell you a horror story that they dread to ever need to re-approach. It would seem as though a large reason for this is because the applications don’t work when you change their environment – which is a problem in Paul’s logic. Small changes can be effectively described to the public and then implemented, avoiding opportunities for corruption and more importantly poor policy.

When I hear Paul speak I think of a Disney film I saw when I was young called Blank Check. The plot of the movie was a child’s fantasy, a boy finds a way to (illegally) get a million dollars. The boy is then able to buy what ever he likes, with no accountability, and in his approach he is able to fulfill his wildest dreams, with no accountability or expense to himself. I read the responses by Paul supporters, and I get a reminiscent feeling about them jumping around in their own ‘moon walk’, which will be even more pleasurable for them because they wouldn’t have paid for it. My point isn’t that Paul presents radical spending initiatives, and if you got that impression please do not be mistaken. My point is that Paul represents this idea of being able to take hold of the most powerful country in the world, governing the most influential institutions in the world, and in his approaches, he can have a ‘blank’ policy ‘check’. America’s position in this world, despite perceptions of grandeur or anti-Americanism, is based on a long history. Expecting the type of change Paul is talking about is like expecting to be ‘king for a day’, no prior commitments, no future obligations, just fun fun fun.

Personally, I feel confused by the Republican polls, as it doesn’t remind me of anything familiar about the republican party, not now, and not 30 years ago, and I wonder, is there a party shift, to which case, I have not trouble in identifying exclusively with the democrats. Or, is this just a trend, which I should remember next time I get involved in primary events, teaching me how little the polls are to be trusted, and how much is the best bet for all things political.


Written by Joe

4 November at 7 pm

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