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advancement of technology

When I think of all of the wonderful uses of technology, I often come to the realization that while there is a whole lot of great potential, the realization might be just as large a threat as the creation of said technology. As the dicerning reader which you likely are, you’re probably like, that’s all good and well, but I’m a realist, I need proof to this idealist concept. Well, I wasn’t going to, but since you’ve asked so nicely, look at article 1 (of 1…making numbering it just about worthless). I logged on facebook today and they have a wonderful application in their collection of ansilary services known as ‘video.’ When I think of video I think of cell phone video which has enabled the deaf community to communicate using the same technology that their hearing coutnerparts gets to take advantage of. While, without doubt, curious parties take advantage of their ability to photo their privates, the general concept is great. Facebook realized this potential, and included it, it’s great. Of course, there could be other useful functions on facebook for publishing presentations, and just illustrating better ideas, but what is the video that is featured on facebook, the ‘almost ounce blunt.’ There you go, very impressive, take this wonderful technology to show how you can sedate your ability to use facebook, but still coherent enough to function. Very impressive. If that’s not an advancement of technology, I don’t know what is.


Written by Joe

27 September at 3 pm

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