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retail design

Recently I’ve taken an interest in understanding more about the effects of designing retail spaces. The concept was recently sensationalized with the introduction of the apple store, but it seems like a pretty grand concept. Make a place that people feel safe enough in that they are willing to conduct business inside.

Marketing efforts would suggest that it is important to have an organic effort and an inorganic effort which can be included in the design of your store. Will there be a juice bar, many companies give away coffee for free, why not go the extra mile? Will there be a place to leave your kids, it’s often awkward when a child becomes figity during a sale so perhaps the investment in a child’s area would produce more sales. The area has to be kept clean easily, to maintain a professional appeal, but must also have warm elements, what will be an attraction that a company would be willing to invest extra time in to maintain the clenliness?

These are all questions which I hope to be able to better answer in coming months, and I’ll work hard to publish my findings on a regular basis. For now, I’m starting to draw up designs in google’s sketchup software. I’ve been unable to find anything which is retail specific, but I guess people looking to do independent research with little expectation of return (beggars) can’t be choosers.


Written by Joe

10 September at 4 pm

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