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 Recently, I’ve been going through a pretty trying dilemma.  I’ve been considering joining the ranks of beard growers everywhere.  Wanting to learn more about the topic I turned to my good old internet to answer many of my beard growing fears, and perhaps get me some advice as to the best approach and execution.

In my pursuit I stumbled upon, which had many answers to my question.  This site features men (and probably, if willing, women as well), with all sorts of facial hair from the ‘jazz dot’ to the ‘texas tea.’  As I sifted through the site I realized that it was entirely populated by people with beards (I felt left out almost immediately).  As I read more and more articles I realized that this wasn’t really a learning about beard website at all; it was a beard support group.  It seems as though the people on this site were looking for support for their beards.  As wonderful as they may be, it seemed as though they were suffering from some self-hating ‘beardage.’  I know they meant well, but my pursuit to find the perfect advice as to whether I should go a beard or not couldn’t stop at this site, the search surely had to continue.

I went onto other sites, which were all filled with some pretty fantastic information.  My search concluded at the beard expert, from suite 303 in New York City.  The expert had cut hair for Hollywood’s stars, and her essential advice was that she would never recommend anyone grow a beard (but if you’re going to do it, only a well maintained beard will do – with no hard lines).  That’s a pretty strong anti-beard talk right there.

As I read this I realized that the beard, like the dinosaur, may be facing the threat of extinction.  I considered the potential that I held in my hands; the ability to save something.  Something beautiful.  Something that causes me to chuckle whenever I see it on anyone under the age of 30 (no offense).   

Being as everyone, minus one suspicious girl, said that growing a beard would be devastating for every part of my life, I also had to consider this (but only in extreme moderation – the beard’s banishment from existence is at stake).  Being a man of logic, I figured that perhaps I should take the very purposeful approach, and ask more people.  I’ll be sure to update the blog with my findings.


Written by Joe

11 June at 2 pm

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