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a metaphor in meaning.

Do you know what the hebrew word of “zero” is?  it’s efes.  Do you know what the bibilical word for “but” is? it too is efes.  That’s a pretty interesting parody.  The context is when the ‘spies’ enter Israel for the first time, only to be banished for 40 years, but the metaphor I think is very interesting.

It’s always very frustrating for me to talk to discuss ideas with people and them to use the word but.  I will make a good point, with a contrary view to the other, and they will say “that is true, but…”  It’s endlessly frustrating.  This form of rhetoric isn’t progressive, it doesn’t promote the disclosure of facts; if you have a counter point, make your counter point.


Written by Joe

11 June at 10 pm

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