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This is my first entry; it’s pretty exciting to actually be up and running.  This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.  I’ve had a blog before but it was scatter brained and all over the place.  I suppose it is the time to define a direction.  This blog will be focused on entertaining things on the internet which have to do with technology and Jewish interests.  So, as for today’s stories. 

Every blog I’ll entertain a topic or two and give responses, here is my first.  In a book, The Letter in the Scroll, by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, a concept of Jewish identity is described.  He quotes a few non-Jews who had celebrated Jewish thought, including John Adams.  Adams suggests that if it wasn’t for Jewish thought the world would be in a far more desperate situation. 

As the thought is concluded, Sacks suggests that while these compliments are nice, they would be modest in comparison to detractors of the Jewish people.

It’s an interesting comment on prejudice, and seeminlgy dynamic.  It’s hard to imagine a propoganda minister suggesting that a vilified group of people was a threat in that they contributed toward society and had a great way of thinking.

If you get time, check out Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview at the Wall Street Journal’s All things digital

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6 June at 1 pm

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